Reduce Stress, Increase Wellness

NeuroFitness Wellness Center arrived in Ann Arbor in April 2016, when the world was in a much different place. The owner and Medical Director, Dr. Mark Kelley, is an Ann Arbor native and created our space after discovering float therapy to combat the health issues he was experiencing as a result of extreme levels of stress.

What he understood, as a physician, is that the longer he remained stressed, the longer cortisol and epinephrine levels continued to rise in his body, leaving destruction in their path as they coursed through his veins. Literally. He was experiencing cardiac issues as a result of his stress.

His son introduced him to flotation therapy and Neurofeedback. Mark was amazed at how relaxed they made him feel all throughout the rest of the day, how well he was able to sleep and how good he felt the next day. He wanted to create a space in his hometown to help others experience these feelings, as well as add some additional services to combat chronic pain and respiratory issues, understanding that they also lead to increased stress and anxiety levels.

The good news is that Mark was able to reverse the negative impact of his stress by treating stress as what it is, a health condition that has serious consequences if left unchecked. While we may not always be able to control the stressful events in our life, we can take steps to manage it., which is what he did.

Fast forward to 2021…. The nation is experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety and we really want to help. We’ve tried other people’s ideas of how to “sell” our services, and they come across as hollow and all about the money. That is not who we are. Our intention as a business is to create a relaxing space with services that will help to release the stress you are carrying. We hope by doing so that you can find new strength and resilience to reduce the impact of stress in your daily life.

Please take some time to explore our site and learn about the services we offer and how they can benefit you.