Plan the Perfect Routine

Recovery time between workouts can be just as important as the workout, itself. The muscles have to be given enough time to repair themselves before you damage them again by working out. On the other hand, if you wait too long between workouts, you’ll be missing opportunities to improve your performance. Literature sometimes disagrees on the best intervals between workouts – a matter complicated by the fact that they can vary from person to person. ARX tunes itself to your own unique rhythms and will be able to tell you precisely when it’s time to train again, and when it’s time to rest.

The ARX will tailor your workouts to your own individual diet, sleep, and stress levels.

As you train, the ARX will track your progress, telling you exactly how well you are improving across an array of metrics. Remember: the only person you are truly competing with is yourself. Speaking of which…

Train Optimally

The ARX will record your past sessions so that when you come back for your next workout, you will be pitted against your past self. Color indicators will tell you moment to moment how well you are doing compared to your previous performance.
If that doesn’t strike your fancy, the ARX can also establish a “green zone” based on your maximum performance. It’ll encourage you to hit this zone with every rep. When you are no longer able to reach that zone, the workout is over.

In this way, Adaptive Resistance Exercise pushes you to be better than you have ever been and eliminates any guesswork on your part to optimize the time you spend working out to get you results faster than ever.

You are in Total Control

When you step onto the ARX, you’ll notice that there isn’t a stack of weights next to it as on most other equipment. That’s because Adaptive Resistance Exercise relies on your force to calibrate its resistance. It matches your force to deliver a workout intensity that is exactly what you need to achieve the greatest results. You have complete control over the speed of the workout and it is safe to stop at anytime.

Unparalleled Statistics

Both during and after your workout, you’ll receive feedback about your progress and the power you are generating.
You’ll receive reports about the maximum force you generated during the entire set, the total amount of force generated during the workout, as well as the quantified intensity of your workout, which is calculated by force divided by time – rather: your rate of work.Meaning: you’ll have unquestionable bragging rights and certainty in your results.