Weekday Happy Hour

Big meeting in the afternoon? Clear  your mind and sharpen your focus with a Float Big meeting in the morning? Float away the tension and head back to the office reinvigorated. Come in for Happy Hour – Weekdays from Noon to 4pm and receive 25% off a 60-minute Float!


The benefits of floatation therapy are numerous and far-reaching. Perhaps the most universally appealing is floating’s proclivity to enhance creativity, learning, and memory. We offer special pricing for students

First Responders & Military Personnel

After years of trauma, first response and military personnel often suffer from: Vicarious trauma Compassion fatigue Depression A weakened immune system Cardiovascular deficiencies Chronic stress-related diseases We are are here to serve you. To show our appreciation for who you are and what you do we offer a 25% discount …

Get Better Sleep

Floatation therapy offers a solution to not only help clients get better sleep at home, but can also bestow the same benefits in a 1 hour session that you might get from 4 hours of sleep!

Ease Anxiety

NeuroOptimal sends gentle, non-invasive signals to your brain to help it adapt in real time to ease anxiety, help you cope more calmly, and easily approach the pressures and problems that arise day-today head on.

Improved Performance

Everyone from children to business professionals to top-class athletes have successfully used our performance optimization therapies to help with everything from Attention Deficit Disorder and multitasking to building muscle tone and mental focus.


Studies have shown that people with chronic upper respiratory conditions, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis and skin disorders can derive significant benefits from salt therapy.