NeurOptimal Brain Training

A diagram of our mental wellness neuroptimal brain training services.

Would you like to:

  • Manage anxiety?
  • Feel more alert?
  • Sleep better?
  • Be more focused?

NeurOptimal is an advanced neurofeedback system that works with your brain to allow you to perform at your optimal potential.

Why NeurOptimal?

Many of us deal with daily physical and emotional stress; Lack of sleep, poor diet, anxiety, depression, trauma, and exposure to neurotoxins within our environment for example. Pair these with other stressors like tension at home, work, and within relationships and we seriously tax our brain and its functioning. As each new stressor comes along, our brain adds it to the list of stressors it must manage, even when it is no longer present in our day-to day. As stress accumulates, our brains lose the capacity to perform at their optimal levels.

Enter NeurOptimal. Think of your brain like a computer: New programs are downloaded and new tabs are opened (stressors) that take up space and utilize energy, whether you’re using them or not. After a while, for your computer to continue running efficiently, you have to go through and close some of these tabs and delete programs. NeurOptimal Brain Training gives your brain an opportunity to reflect on its performance and make changes to organize itself for maximum efficiency. “Tabs” you no longer use can be closed, which allows your brain more energy to dedicate to the things that matter, like being present for family, friends and co-workers.


Although NeurOptimal Brain Training is not a medical treatment for illness, it has provided many clients relief. Over time, clients report improvements such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater focus
  • Elevated mood
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Greater attention span

A recent comment about the effects of NeurOptimal:

Immediately after my first session I saw a drastic change in my sleep. I had just moved into my new house and I was unable to adjust to the new environment. The following night after my first NeurOptimal session I fell asleep easily and slept through the entire night for the first time in what felt like forever. After my continued use of NeurOptimal I have noticed how much easier I am able to deal with stress and adapt to new changes within my day to day routine. I can’t wait to see the benefits that will arise when I continue NeurOptimal into the school year!” – Anna G.

How it Works

Before you begin your session, a trainer places two sensors on your scalp to read electrical signals in your brain. Three sensors are applied to your ears to ground the scalp sensors. Next, you place headphones on to begin a session. Your job at this point is to sit back, relax and listen to beautiful, relaxing music.

When the NeurOptimal system detects inconsistencies in your brain activity, it uses a skip or pop in the music – almost like static – to signal your brain to alter its course. In this way, your brain is able to read back what it has done and make a change in performance accordingly (close a tab perhaps). Throughout your session your brain is challenged to retrain itself to become more effective, more calm, and more balanced.

All you need to do is relax and listen to the music – you could even take a nap! Unlike other systems, NeurOptimal helps correct without the need for you to perform certain tasks or activities throughout the session.

Each NeurOptimal session lasts about 35 minutes.

This is your path to a more balanced you.