Floatation Therapy and Pregnancy

Women want the best for their babies and during pregnancy, that often means doing what’s best for themselves.

Ironically, pregnancy is a time when maintaining optimal health is unusually difficult – particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

During the day, carrying that extra weight around is taxing on every muscle in the expectant mother’s body. Every one of those muscles takes extra time to heal. Add to that the cascade of hormones the mother goes through and the physical demands of creating another human – and a pregnant woman needs a lot of rest.

But, as any pregnant woman can tell you, getting this much needed sleep isn’t easy. Even with the extreme exhaustion, a restful night’s sleep during pregnancy can be elusive.

As mom lays down to sleep, the baby will often twist and turn, adjusting to the gravitational pressures on their body, just like children and adults do. It’s as if the baby sleeps most of the day, and wakes up just as the already tired mom is trying to get to sleep.

The weight of the baby also creates stress, pressure and pain that make it difficult to get comfortable.

But it’s not as if we have to tell you about all the difficulties getting some quality rest while you’re pregnant – we’re sure you already know!

What we can tell you is that there’s a solution.

Pregnant women all over the world have discovered the near miraculous effects of floatation therapy on their deeply strained bodies.

Stepping into the floatation pod, the water heavily saturated in Epsom salt makes it impossible for the reclined body to sink. Even during late pregnancy, you’ll find that you feel completely weightless. Painful pressure points melt away and you’re able to relax without interruption.

1 hour in the floatation pod can restore your mind and body as much 4 hours of sleep would.

As if that wasn’t enough of a perk, expectant mothers and non-pregnant participants alike have found that they sleep deeper and feel more rested for days afterward.

After a session or two of floatation therapy to cure your pregnancy pains, the question won’t be whether or not time in the float pod can improve the quality of your pregnancy, but how many times you’ll be able to come in for a session.