A diagram of our mental wellness neuroptimal brain training services.

Mental Wellness Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Would you like to:

  • Feel more alert?
  • Sleep better?
  • Be more focused?
  • Cope more calmly?
  • Manage anxiety?

NeurOptimal is an advanced neurofeedback system that works with your brain in real time to quickly and safely deliver results.

See Results Faster

Because NeurOptimal uses real time data to determine the best frequency for you every second of your journey, you’ll be feeling refreshed and alert faster than ever before.

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Dynamic Feedback System Prevents Negative Side Effects

Older neurofeedback systems used to ‘push’ the brain in one direction or another by using only one or two frequencies throughout each brain training session. Pushing the brain like this causes unnatural disturbances and can break your mental balance.

The NeurOptimal system is dynamic and never pushes your brain out of sync, thereby avoiding any negative side effects.

100% Non-Invasive

Many of our clients ask us if the training will hurt. The sensors we connect only to your skin receive signals – they don’t send them.

The result is a relaxing session that is completely pain-free and non-invasive.

How it Works

Unobtrusive sensors placed on your scalp and ear read signals coming from your brain. When the NeurOptimal system detects turbulence in your brain activity, it uses music to gently signal your brain to alter course. In this way, your brain learns to retrain itself to become more effective, more calm, and more balanced.

Other systems, and even our previous incarnations focused on finding the one or two frequencies that seemed to be working and calibrating the feedback to only those frequencies. This could take weeks to find, and often had negative side effects by ‘pushing’ the brain too far in one direction or the other.

Today, we use the NeurOptimal system, which moves between frequencies microsecond by microsecond according to what your own brain is saying at any given moment.

This incorporation of biofeedback into the real time program both helps you see results faster, and prevents any negative side effects that can be caused by directing the brain too far in one direction.


Each neurotherapy training session lasts about 35 minutes.

Your visit will start by meeting with your specialized trainer, who is not only an authority on brain wave therapy, but is your compassionate partner. Each trainer is dedicated to your well being and personal improvement. During your meeting, we’ll talk with you in detail about every step of the process and discuss your goals and any concerns you may have. We’re here to make your experience comfortable and inviting. When you’re ready, your trainer will place sensors on your scalp and ear. These sensors will receive signals from your brain that will tell our system how you’re doing. Note: these sensors only pick up biofeedback information – they do not transmit electricity or any other kind of information back to your body or brain.

During your training, you’ll relax in our comfortable chairs while listening to music – that’s all you need to do!

When the NeurOptimal system detects a catch in your neural processing, you’ll notice a brief pause in the music. This is how NeurOptimal trains your brain to be its best and brightest. You don’t have to do anything during this process. Just sit back and let your brain and NeurOptimal work in harmony.

It’s that simple.

A New You

Many of our clients feel better immediately after only one session.

They report that as they walk out of the center, they feel “lighter and brighter” – an effect that can last as long as a week after your visit. As your training progresses session by session, you’ll notice improvements in every corner of your life – many of which you may never have imagined. You’ll feel more stable, more resilient, more mentally focused and flexible, and you may even find that you’re excelling at physical activities as well as mental enterprises.

This is your path to a more balanced you.