standard Business 2255 1736032289718265c6fac8fe44b64bfa 1383115 462060003907574 891373993 nHave you ever indulged in floatation therapy? If you have not then you should give it a try. It is an ideal way to get relief from stress.

Residents of Metro Detroit didn’t have a chance to explore floatation therapy since there wasn’t a place to get into a REST pod and to simply float for an hour. Now you can indulge in floatation therapy in Metro Detroit at NeuroFitness Center.Neuro Fitness Center is the first location in Metro Detroit to offer you floatation therapy. If you are completely unaware of what it is then this brief may help…

Floatation therapy involves you floating effortlessly in a tank filled with water. The Pod  is known as Restricted Environmental Simulation Therapy or REST. It is typically eight feet long and has ten inches of water with about 1000 o to 1200 pounds of Epsom salt. The salt is used for buoyancy which keeps you afloat. You don’t need to be a deft swimmer or a practiced floater to do this. The temperature of the water is typically kept at 93.5 degrees or what is usually the temperature of our skin. Thus, the water is calm, and you can float in an environment that doesn’t have any distraction.

Floatation therapy is as effective as meditation. If you are anxious, suffering from stress, or you simply need to unwind and replenish your energy, then floatation therapy can help you. The dark,  silent ambiance inside the tank allows no light, sound or any other cause which will compel you to react. There are no stimuli and thus no action or reaction. You will remain still without anydistraction, completely focusing on your body, mind and soul. You will be able to regain the calmness that is so hard to achieve in this fast paced world of rat races. Whether you are an athlete or into any other profession, a homemaker or a student, floatation therapy in Metro Detroit can offer you a pleasure that you will fall in love with. It may be odd at first to be confined to a dark and silent place but as you get accustomed with it, as you feel all the parts of your body becoming free from stress, as you don’t get interrupted by noise or light, activity or any environmental, manual or artificial distraction, you will find yourself at a very pleasurable juncturefrom where you will rise afresh