2Seven years ago, I started my journey to wellness and since that time I’ve seen many different healing technologies and techniques. My first major experience was with Brainwave Optimization by Brain State Technologies. My father and

I flew out to Scottsdale Arizona to do a series of 12 sessions in four days. I have to say looking back on that experience, doing that many sessions in that time frame was very overwhelming.
The first day of sessions was the most impactful as I saw a dramatic decrease in overall anxiety and my Dad noticed it as well. For example, my Dad also experienced improvement in his quality of sleep and pain reduction in his knees. Based on our experiences with Brainwave Optimization we decided we wanted to open a business

and bring the technology back to the Metro Detroit area. We were the first in the Midwest to offer the technology and this was our reason for flying to Arizona.
Over the last seven years we’ve witnessed dramatic improvement in our clients’ health and well- being. Our business had grown and outlasted more than a 100 Brain State Technology affiliates because of our commitment to succeed and our dedication to help people self-regulate. We’ve worked with over 1,000 clients and

trained more people in the Midwest. We even mentored other Brain State affiliates in helping them with their business and supporting their clients.
I personally have completed more than 600 hundred Brainwave Optimization sessions in seven years. That is more than anyone I know including the owners of the technology. I trained myself every which way imaginable. I know the ends and outs and still receive calls from affiliates looking for assistance in brain mapping and protocol selection. So I’ve exhausted the technology and can go no further with it.

Because of the above reasons, we felt a desire to change. For years we saw certain weaknesses with the technology that we wanted to overcome for the survival of our company. The major drawbacks we experienced were people either had the time to do sessions but not the financing, or they had the financing but not the time. Not everyone has the capability to hop on a plane and spend a week in Scottsdale like my father and I did. Also many people don’t have $1,500-$2,000 and 4 hours a day for 5-10 days to complete sessions. Because of these barriers we’ve had to turn away many clients.

A solution was presented to me about a technology I knew of but never gave it any merit because I was enamored by my shiny toy. Yet, I was frustrated by the company I was partnered with and had an open mind to listen. I learned that there was a faster, more effective, less expensive way to train a brain. All the answers I’ve been looking for was presented to me. I was in disbelief, but after speaking with other business owners (ex-Brain State affiliates), I quickly found a way to purchase our new system.

After receiving our new system I went to work with training myself and past clients. After two sessions there was a great increase in my cognitive abilities that I still marvel about. Our clients mentioned how relaxed but energized they felt after a session. Even after all of the brain training I completed with Brainwave Optimization, our new technology, NeurOptimal still had a major impact on me.

So, with the NeurOptimal system what does this mean for clients?

1. More effective brain training
2. Less time spent – 33 minutes is an average session.
3. Less expensive – the cost is close to half the price as Brain State.

We are grateful for all the experiences we had with Brainstate Technologies and Brainwave Optimization and wish all of the affiliates the best. However, our time isn’t done with helping people we’re just using a new system that everyone can experience. Our mission is self-regulation for everyone without breaking the bank or having to take vacation time off work.