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Everywhere we go today, the world follows us in our pockets. With the advent of the Internet and smart phones, our work no longer stays at the office. It comes with us everywhere. We’re now expected to accomplish more than ever, with less and less time to recuperate from the …

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At Neurofitness Center

We’ve researched the best technologies of the 21st century to bring balance to the lives of the overworked and under rested. All of our services are centered around bringing clarity to your life and serenity to your day, while making you stronger, sharper, and happier.

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Benefits of Mind and Body Health


Flotation therapy is a zero gravity experience that allows the mind and body to truly rest. It’s also been called Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy, or REST.

Improved Performance

Everyone from children to business professionals to top-class athletes have successfully used our performance optimization therapies to help with everything from Attention Deficit Disorder and multitasking to building muscle tone and mental focus.

Ease Anxiety

NeuroOptimal sends gentle, non-invasive signals to your brain to help it adapt in real time to ease anxiety, help you cope more calmly, and easily approach the pressures and problems that arise day-today head on.

Alleviate Stress

The longer you remain stressed, the longer cortisol and ephinephrine levels continue to rise in your body leaving destruction in their path as they course through your veins. The good news is that you can reverse this process by mitigating the stress in your life. While we may not always be able to control the stressful events in our life, we can take steps to manage it.

Get Better Sleep

Floatation therapy offers a solution to not only help clients get better sleep at home, but can also bestow the same benefits in a 1 hour session that you might get from 4 hours of sleep!

Find Balance

The NeuroFitness Wellness Center is build around total mind and body health. We’ve designed our therapies around helping clients get the most out of life.

A New Dimension in Wellness

We’ve designed our therapies around helping clients get the most out of life. We want you to be able to realize optimal performance in less time than has ever been possible before.