Flotation Therapy

Flotation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, is a 60 or 90-minute zero gravity experience that provides stress/anxiety reduction, pain relief, improved athletic recovery/performance, meditative opportunities, and skin detoxification.

Over 50 years-years of clinical research, and the personal experiences of floaters all around the world, support its effectiveness in reducing the stress hormone cortisol, which is why flotation therapy is the fastest growing natural approach to healthy living.


Cryotherapy: Natural Wellness in 3 Minutes

Using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness, our Impact cryo chamber provides whole body cryotherapy as a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. The cryotherapy chamber fills with nitrogen vapor and a dry chill that drops the ambient temperature to a range of -90 Celsius (-130ºF) to -120 Celsius (-184ºF)

According to a 2016 industry survey with over 300 respondents, cryotherapy users have reported that whole body cryotherapy gives them a multitude of benefits including pain relief, muscle recovery, weight loss, and mental clarity.

NeurOptimal Brain Training

Sit Back and Relax

All you need to do is relax and listen to music during your 33 minute-NeurOptimal session. Unlike other NeuroFeedback systems, NeurOptimal helps correct unwanted patterns without the need for you to perform certain tasks or activities throughout the session. NeurOptimal Brain Training is not a medical treatment, however, it has provided many clients the following benefits:

Better Sleep | Reduced Anxiety | Greater Focus |
Elevated Mood | Stress Reduction | Greater Attention Span

Salt Room (Halotherapy)

For centuries, salt therapy has been used to relieve respiratory illnesses, improve skin conditions and strengthen immune systems.

A device called a halogenerator grinds salt into microscopic particles and releases them into the air of the Himalayan salt-lined room. Once inhaled, these salt particles absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the respiratory system. This process breaks up mucus and reduces inflammation, resulting in clear airways.

The salt particles have a similar effect on your skin by absorbing bacteria and other impurities responsible...

Students Save 20% on All Services*

60 Min. Float: $52 (reg. $65) | 90 Min. Float: $68 (reg. $85) | Brain Training: $40 (reg. $50) |
Cryotherapy: $40 (reg. $50) | 30 Min. Salt Room: $28 (reg. $35) | 60 Min. Salt Room: $48 (reg. $60)

*with Student ID (Select "pay on-site" when booking online)


$200/ mo. **


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  • $300 for 1 month
NeuroPass Annual
$35/ mo.

NeuroPass Annual

  • Earn one service each month, plus one additional service for $35
  • Flotation | Cryotherapy | Salt Room | Brain Train
  • Requires 12-month membership
Neuropass 6-Month
$40/ mo.

Neuropass 6-Month

  • Earn one service each month, plus one additional service for $40
  • Flotation | Cryotherapy | Salt Room | Brain Train
  • Requires 6-month membership